Add a Contact

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To add a new contact to your contacts list click on the “Add new contact +” button on the top left corner of your panel.



When adding a contact you are a given a long form to fill in. Let’s take a look at how you can fill it out section by section:


1. General settings




Activate: tick this box if this is an activecustomer, untick if you want to keep their info but they are no longer active

Title: the title of your customer (this helps particularly with unisex names such as “Sam” or “Chris”)

Full Name: your customer’s full name

Email: your customer’s email address

 Mobile no: your customer’s mobile phone number



2. Piece of identification


In this section you may upload your customer/client’s photo, other related photos or documents:


1. Click on the Change” button:



2. Select the image or document you want to upload from your hard drive:



3. To change the image or document repeat steps 1 & 2. To delete a photo or a document click on the ( x Remove ) button:




3. Contact details



Country: the country your customer resides in

City/state: the city and state (if applicable) of your customer’s address

Address: your customer’s address of residence or work

 Postal code: your customer’s postal code

 Tax Identification no: your customer’s tax id number (optional)

 Comments: notes (brief summary, medical history, booking preferences etc.) regarding the customer (optional)


4. National Id or passport



Number: the number of your customer’s identification document (optional)

Issue date: the date it was issued (optional)

Issuing country: the country it was issued in (optional)


Do not forget to click on the “Add new contact button at the bottom of your page in order to save your new customer/client!