Add a new Reservation

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You can find your reservations by clicking on the    icon of the dashboard menu, under  “Point of sale”.



This is your reservation list panel. Every time you want to add, update or cancel a reservation this is where you go:



To add a new reservation to your reservations list click on the “New reservation+” button on the top left corner of your panel.

When adding a reservation you will be asked first to add a pickup point. When you start typing, your address will show up as an autofill option. When you have your address set on the map, click Proceed to reservation. Set your start date & time and afterwards the number of participants. Then click proceed to reservation and choose your gear type. Click on Book Now. Choose if there are any additional charges in this reservation. Click Proceed to Reservation. Then you are a given a form to fill in. Let’s take a look at how you can fill it out section by section:



Contact details



Full name: your customer’s full name

Mob no or e-mail: your customer’s mobile phone number or the email address

Room Number/Flight #: the room’s or flight’s number

Comments: notes (brief summary,booking preferences etc.) regarding the customer’s reservation (optional)

Client notification (email or sms): choose whether your customer will be notified about the reservation by email or sms

Suggested Communication Language: the preferred language of communication





Choose if you’ll add a payment.


Don’t forget to click Finalize Reservation to confirm your reservation.

After your reservation is complete, you can print, start over or select Plate Numbers/ resources to assign.