Contacts panel

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You can find your contacts by clicking on the   icon of the dashboard menu, under    “Point of sale”.



This is your contact list panel. Every time you want to add, edit or delete a contact this is where you go:




You will notice that your panel has many columns. Each one of these columns serves a purpose:



a Search – search your contacts by name, email or phone number

b Copy – copy your contact list in text form, as you see it on your panel, and paste them anywhere

c Download excel – download the contacts showing in .xlsx format

d Download PDF – download the contacts showing in .pdf format

e Print – print the contacts showing


1 Photo – shows the customer’s photo or, if no photo has been uploaded, their initials

2 Name – the name of your customer

3 Email – the email of your customer

4 Phone number – the phone  number of your customer

5 Number of reservations – the number of reservations/bookings your customer has made

6 Documents/invoices – the number of documents you have issued for this customer

7 Payments – payments received from this customer

8 Balance – fees owed by this customer

9 Delete – delete this customer ( cannot be undone )

10 Active/idle – shows whether you have set this customer to be active or idle