Edit a Contact

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To edit a contact click on the name of the contact you want to edit in your panel.



Each contact contains a number of details.  At the top left of each contact you will see 3 buttons:




Back: takes you to the previous page

View Document/invoices: view a list of all the documents & invoices issued for that customer

View Paymens: view a list of all payments received from that customer


1. General settings





Activate: tick this box if this is an activecustomer, untick if you want to keep their info but they are no longer active

Title: the title of your customer (this helps particularly with unisex names such as “Sam” or “Chris”)

Full name: your customer’s full name

Email: your customer’s email address

 Mobile no: your customer’s mobile phone number



2. Piece of identification


In this section you may upload your customer/client’s photo, other related photos or documents:


1. Click on the Change” button:



2. Select the image or document you want to upload from your hard drive:



3. To change the image or document repeat steps 1 & 2. To delete a photo or a document click on the ( x Remove ) button:




3. Contact details



Country: the country your customer resides in

City/state: the city and state (if applicable) of your customer’s address

Address: your customer’s address of residence or work

 Postal code: your customer’s postal code

 Tax Identification no: your customer’s tax id number (optional)

 Comments: notes (brief summary, medical history, booking preferences etc.) regarding the customer (optional)


4. National Id or passport



Number: the number of your customer’s identification document (optional)

Issue date: the date it was issued (optional)

Issuing country: the country it was issued in (optional)


Do not forget to click on the “Update contact button at the bottom of your page in order to save your changes!