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You can integrate a branded Facebook Login button to your webapp. Start by clicking on the Integrate+ button next to it.

You can get your APP ID and your client secret by following the instructions below:


  1. Go at https://developers.facebook.com/apps. In the sidebar of your app settings under ‘PRODUCTS’, click ‘+ Add Product’. Hover over ‘Facebook Login’ to display options. Click the ‘Set Up’ button and choose WWW. The Facebook login button will be added to your app, and the settings guide will be displayed.
  2. Follow the setup guide instruction by providing app with your custom url (including http or https) or with your workadu alias url. Then press settings from the left menu and choose Basic.


Then copy and paste the App ID and Client Secret to the designated fields and click the Save & Connect to Facebook Login button.





You can deactivate the integration by clicking on Deactivate integration.

Click confirm on the pop up window and your integration will be deactivated.