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You can integrate Google Sign-In into your web app. Start by clicking the Integrate+ button next to it.

Before you can integrate Google Sign-In into your website, you must create a client ID, which you need to call the sign-in API. You can see how to create a Google API Console project and client ID here.


When you configure the project, select the Web browser client type and specify the origin URI of your app.
After configuration is complete, take note of the client ID that was created. You will need the client ID to complete the next steps. (A client secret is also created, but you need it only for server-side operations.)


Paste the Client ID and Client secret at the designated fields and click the Save & connect to Google Plus sign in Button.




Don’t forget to enable your api service on google console.


You can deactivate the integration by clicking on Deactivate integration.

Click confirm on the pop up window and your integration will be deactivated.