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You can find your invoices by clicking on the invoice    icon of the dashboard menu, under “Finance”.




This is your invoices list panel. Every time you want to add, edit or delete an invoice this is where you go:




Add an invoice


To add an invoice click on New invoice +.

You will be given a long form to fill. Let’s take a look at how you can fill it out section by section:





Status: When status is marked your invoice is active.

Document: Choose between an invoice, a quote or an expense document type from the dropdown menu.

Issue date: Select the issue date of the invoice.

Document no: The number that will be given to the invoice automatically.

Contact: Select a contact from the dropdown menu.

Details: Choose affiliate or agent (if there is any) and fill out their details

Payment details: Select the payment’s due date and payment method (credit card, cash)

Services: Add the type of service, the quantity, the unit price and the discount (if there’s any).

Logo as header text: Type an intro or info related to the document. This will appear at the top of the document.

Footer/ document notes: Fill out notes or remarks, such as special terms. This will appear at the bottom of the document.

Admin notes: Notes reserved for the administrator. These do not appear in any customer print out.



Delete an invoice


To delete an invoice simply click on the bin    icon next to your invoice.

This action cannot be undone!