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Start accepting bookings by adding the services or products your offer under Point of Sale Services.





We have already created a demo service for you, so let’s go see how you can edit it or add a new service, by clicking the button “Manage your services”.



Once you have clicked the “Manage your services” button you will be taken to your list of services. You can either click on “Add a service” on the top of the page to add a new service, or click on one of your existing services to edit it.



As you can see below you are given a number of options:

1. Service title / alias (internal code name) / category

After you have filled out the first two fields you can choose one of the existing service categories or add a new one by clicking on the “+” sign.



2. Service images

Upload an image or more for your service.




3. Rates and availability

Make a time and pricing table for your service – how often is it offered and how much does it cost?











4. Service information

Add details about your service; describe what it does or whom it’s for, how many people is it for (eg. a hotel room with twin beds is for 2 people), where it is offered etc. Tip:  Is it a new service, or an offer? Add a graphical indication by typing the word of your choice in the “flag” field.






5. Service attributes

Does your service come with particular traits or extras? Here is the place to add them.



6. Service providers

Service providers are only available if marketplace mode is ON. Is your service provided by a partner or third party? If so, this is where you name them:



Don’t forget to click on the ”Update service” button when you are done in order to save your changes!