Mass Offers & sales policies import

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Import all you services from a single place by using the Mass Services Import tool under Point of Sale Services Mass Offers & sales policies import.



Add ONE service per line, following this example:

{Policy Name};{Valid from date};{Valid due date};{Action};{Action Value}; {Conditions in brackets [ ]};{Services name to apply in brackets [ ] or ALL for all services}



Example in action:

3 days offer;2017-01-15;2018-01-15;Set total price to a fixed amount;250;[Booking Days>=3::Booking Days<=5];[Mercedes GLA::Mercedes CLK]


Operators to use with example:

> (greater)

>= (greater or equal)

< (less)

 <= (less or equal)

 == (equal)

 != (not equal)

 <> (between)

!<> (not between)