Mass services import

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Import all you services from a single place by using the Mass Services Import tool under Point of Sale Services Mass services import.



Add ONE service per line, following this example:

{Brand}, {Service name}, {Year-optional}, {Category}, {Resources}, {Attributes in brackets [Doors=5:Water=included]}{Extras in brackets [3215:3422]}, {Resources names (e.g. registration plates, human resources names in brackets [])}



Examples in action:

  1. City Tour, None, 2016, Tours, 2, [], [2756],[24A:24B]
  2. VW, UP, 2015, Group B, 3, [], [2756],[EN-445-56:EN-445-57:EN-445-59]
  3. None, Home Cleaning, , Home Services, 2, [], [2756],[Mary Neska:Travor Mayson]