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You can find your payments by clicking on the payments    icon of the dashboard menu, under “Finance”.





This is your payments list panel. Every time you want to add, edit or delete a payment this is where you go:



Add a payment


To add a payment click on New Payment +.

You will be given a long form to fill:




Let’s take a look at how you can fill it out section by section:


Transaction info


Issue date: Select the issue date of the payment

Payment method: Select between cash and credit card

Number: The number that will be given to the payment automatically.


Transaction details


Contact: Select from your contacts

Affiliate/ agent: Choose affiliate or agent if there is any

Orders: Select the reservation





Currency: Select your currency from the drop-down menu

Amount: Fill out the amount of the payment

Comment: Fill out any transaction notes you may have.


Click on Create new transaction to finalize your payment.