Regions & Locations

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Here you may add or edit your area of service, points of business, pickup or delivery points, etc.



Add a new service area

In order to add a new area you need to click the big green “Add new service area +” button on your top left corner.




Tick the “Active” box if this is an active area that you want to show, untick if you would like to save it as a draft (inactive)

Give your area a corresponding name (eg. London, Dublin, local service, etc.)

Give it an identifiable shortname (alias)

On the map click on the drawing tool in the top middle section. Draw your area by clicking on the map – it will follow the pins and draw a shape

Click on the “Delete selected area” button located at the top left corner of your map should you like to start over

When you feel like you are ready to save your location, click on the “Add new service area” below the map


Edit a service area

In order to edit an area you need to click on the number of the area in your Regions/Locations list.

You may change the name, the shortname or redraw the area on the map by deleting it using the “Delete selected area” on your top left corner and using the draw tool in the top middle section of the map to redraw it.