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The settings under “Users & API Keys” allow you to edit/delete your existing users, or add new ones. This setting is very important if you are working with a team. Here you can assign roles, manage user permissions and working hours of the team members.


Add a new user 

You may add a user by clicking on the “Add new user +” green button. A page will load with multiple fields for you to edit:


1.  General Settings



Filling out this part of the form is pretty straightforward.

Active: tick this box if this is an active user, untick if the user profile is currently not in use

Full name: the user’s full name

Username: the user’s email address

The desired password (typed twice)


2. Parameters



Role: assign your team member their user role:

Company admin – full access & privileges

Desk – can only access and manage reservations, also used as predefined locations for pickup and drop off in forms

Affiliate – 3rd party agent who can make a reservation with separate, predefined pricing (see My Services) but cannot see availability

Provider – 3rd party service provider that may add their own services and products to your Marketplace (in Beta mode)

Customer – automatically attaches to your existing customers (by matching the email address) and gives them the ability to see availability and booking history

Api user – can only see frontend of the platform, used for the Workadu API and WordPress plugin

Country: their country

Language: their preferred language

Date format: the way they will see dates (eg. US dates are mm-dd-yy while in Europe dd-mm-yy is preferable)

Time format: the time format the user will see

Custom incremental series for booking reference: the preferred booking reference

Select series for automatic invoice issue after a booking payment: the documents series preference (see Finance)

Default Start-End time: the default start and end time of this role



3. Geolocation



Pin the place of business of the user on the map and give it a location name (eg. shop no3). This is especially convenient if the user works in a separate location or if you have multiple points of business.

How to: begin typing the address in the text field until you see the desired address. Can’t find it in the dropdown list? No problem! Simply navigate the map with the zoom in ( + ) and zoom out ( – ) arrows and place the pin manually.


4. User rights



Give your new user / team member access and administrative rights:

Assign resources
Change total price in internal reservations
Adjust pricelist in internal reservations
View daily operations
Auto assigning
Register payments
Allow user notifications


 Edit a user

You may edit a user by clicking on their name. You will then see the same screen you saw while adding a user. You may go ahead and make the changes you need.

Do not forget to click on “Update user” button at the end of your page in order for the changes to take effect. When editing/deactivating a user you are given the additional option to log them out of all devices. This comes particularly handy either when a member has left the team, or in case you fear that an unknown third party might have logged in to your account with your team’s credentials.