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Click on the settings icon at the down left corner of your website’s backend:



The settings bar will appear:


Every time you click on a setting a pop-up window will appear:






Website Settings



1. Site Visibility:

Choose if your site is visible to the public or not





2. Cookies Bar:

The text displayed on your website for cookies & GDPR consent





3. Domain:

If you have bought a domain for your website, this is the place to enter it. For your domain to work properly you also need to either change the DNS zone at your domain host pointing to, or add a CNAME record. Please ask your domain host for help should you not know how to do this yourself.





4. Analytics & Stats:

This is your Google Analytics tracking ID. You can find instructions on how to locate it here.





5. Header and footer settings:


Show header in all pages– Choose if your header will show up in all of your pages

Company logo – Your logo. Click on “Change” and select it from your hard drive.

Fav Icon – a small square version of your logo that will appear on the top (tab) of your browser

Logo size – Select the size of your logo: small, medium and full. If you select “full” your logo will show exactly as you upload it, it will not be automatically resized to fit.

Header Background – Click on the bar and enter/choose your preferred background color for your header.

        Header Foreground (fonts) – Click on the bar and          enter/choose your preferred color for your header text.

          Header style – Choose the style (look) of your         header, transparent or opaque.




6. Additional CSS:

Modify your Workadu template even further by adding your own CSS code!



⚠️ Do not forget to click the “Update” button at the bottom of each pop up window in order to save your changes.