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You can integrate the Workadu widget to your existing webpage. Start by clicking the Integrate + button next to it:

A long form will appear:





Let’s see how you can fill all the information:


Choose widget language – Choose the widget’s language from the dropdown menu.

Choose widget display type – Choose FORM for placement into website pages, or WIDGET for fixed website placement.

Greeting Message – Create a greeting that people will see before they decide to book.

Hide greeting and show book form on start – Check this box if you want your form to appear on start.

Book button text – The text of the book button.

Predefined locations – Valid only for rental installations. Leave it unchecked in all other cases.


After you have filled in the form click on View my widget code button.

A piece of code will appear. Copy and paste this code directly after the opening <body> tag on each page where you want the widget to appear.